TradePanel Expert

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TradePanel Expert

The expert we have made it available for you this week is an Expert Advisor and allows you to do

a variety of operations on your trading as well as managing

your positions without necessarily doing any multiple processes for your positions.

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The following operations is provided in this expert by just one click:

Open/close positon

Setting SL and TL

Ability to close all opened positons (close all)

Ability to change the chart by entering new chart’s name

Showing the spread

Showing time left for the current candle to get closed

Showing the percentage of rising the currency pair

The possibility to write and mark on the chart

Download- TradePanel


Download the file

Unzip the file

Go the following root:

Metatrader and then file

On the opened menu choose and open data folder

Open MQL4 folder

Open file folder and put the content of FILE folder which you have downloaded in this folder

Click back for going back and select expert folder

Put the content of expert’s folder which you have downloaded here

Close and open your MT4 once

You will see that TRADEPanel has been added in the expert’s section

You can easily put it in the chart easily by double clicking on the expert and start working with it

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