EATA indicator

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EATA indicator

 gives the signals to the input of the points of a trend reversal on the testimony of RSI and CCI oscillator.

At the same time instead of the usual RSI uses fast RSI. The difference is that in the usual oscillator RSI

its value is calculated by using the exponential method, in a fast RSI – simple relation applies.

Characteristics of EATA indicator

Platform: Metatrader4

Currency pairs: Any currency pairs (recommended Major)

Trading Time: Around the clock

Timeframe: Any

Recommended broker: exness

Trading rules by the EATA indicator

Crossing of the red and blue lines of the indicator are signals to buy or sell.

For the convenience of the trader indicator also displays the signals to buy and sell in the form of blue and red arrows.

Blue Arrow is a signal to buy, and the red signal to sell:

EATA indicator

تجارت فارکس پیشرو در خدمات
تجارت فارکس پیشرو در خدمات

Settings dial indicator forex EATA

Settings in this indicator a little bit and they are intuitively clear:

CCI_per [default = 60] – the period of calculation of CCI

RSI_per [default = 25] – the period for calculating the RSI indicator

Ma_Period [default = 4] – the period for calculating the Moving Average indicator

koef [default = 16] – the number of bars used for the calculation of the indicator

arrows [default = true] – on/off display of arrows

EATA should not be used as a self-contained source of trading signals.

Much more effective is its use as a part of trend trading strategies as a filter

or a set of indicators to determine the entry point into the market.

File Password:

Download “” – 2279 بار دانلود شده است – 18 کیلوبایت

EATA indicator

Guide for installing Expresspads scripts and templates:

To install the meta-indicator in the meta-tag, first click on the File.

Then select the open data folder menu from the menu.

Open the folder on the page to install the template

Attach your own template that you previously copied.

Open the MQL4 folder to install the indicator or EXPERT or script

And then install the indicator if you want it

In the index folder and if the EXPERT is in the EXPERT folder

And if you have a script, copy and paste in the script folder.

Now close your meta trader and open it again.

In the corresponding menu, you see the indicator, the Express or the desired script added

Just select your desired chart

And click on the indicator or Express or the script you like to call it.

For the template, if you right-click on your chart and see the Templates section

The template you have added is now and you can call it.


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