Advanced Spread Monitor Indicator

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Advanced Spread Monitor Indicator

Undoubtedly the first and most important thing a trader faces on his way in his forex job is the amount of spread that he pays.

These days there are more and more brokers across the world

who are competing with each other to attract traders by offering lowest amounts of spreads.

But the question lies here: IS the spread these brokers claim to offer Really True?

For the broker who claims that his spread begins from 0.2 pip,

how much spread does this broker in fact present in average?

There exist indicators that help you to monitor the spreads of brokers. There are myriad of such indicators on internet

but the indicator we are introducing to you today have the features which makes it unique and incomparable to its similar types.

We believe you cannot observe such features in any other kind of indicator.

Advanced Spread Monitor Indicator owns the following features:

  • The possibility to monitor the spread at any given moment
  • The possibility to monitor the highest amount of spread
  • The possibility to monitor the lowest amount of spread
  • The possibility to monitor the average amount of spread
  • The possibility to monitor the spreads in Asia, Europe and US sessions each separately
  • The possibility to monitor the spreads in any period of time (customized)



Advanced Spread Monitor Indicator


Password for the file:

Advanced Spread Monitor Indicator

How to install the Indicators, Experts, Scripts and Templates:

In order install indicators in MT4 do the following steps:

Go to the menu bar above and click on “file” tab

From the opened menu click on “open data folder”

In the opened window please open the related folder to install the template.

Insert your own template which you had copied it before.

Open MQL4 folder to install whether indicator or expert or script

If you want to install indicator you should copy and paste it in indicator’s folder.

The process is similar for experts and scripts.

Close your mt4 and open it again.

In the related menu bar above you will see that indicator or script or expert has been now added

All you need to do is to select and choose your desired chart.

By Clicking on your preferred indicator or expert or script you can simply call it

For the template, if you right click on your own chart you will notice that

the template you had added does exist there and you can call it too.




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