Account Copier Expert

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Account Copier Expert

I had a version of this expert in my archives from past years which I will put at your disposition.

And please note that these account copiers wont probably work on the account which have high modifies and so may miss some trades and…

For example, please note that in the scalper experts or martingale experts in our website due to the high number of orders modifies, account keepers may not work properly.

So you should use account copier for the accounts whose trades and modifies is not much high.





Account Copier Expert

How to install the Indicators, Experts, Scripts and Templates:

In order install indicators in MT4 do the following steps:

Go to the menu bar above and click on “file” tab

From the opened menu click on “open data folder”

In the opened window please open the related folder to install the template.

Insert your own template which you had copied it before.

Open MQL4 folder to install whether indicator or expert or script

If you want to install indicator you should copy and paste it in indicator’s folder.

The process is similar for experts and scripts.

Close your mt4 and open it again.

In the related menu bar above you will see that indicator or script or expert has been now added

All you need to do is to select and choose your desired chart.

By Clicking on your preferred indicator or expert or script you can simply call it

For the template, if you right click on your own chart you will notice that

the template you had added does exist there and you can call it too.

Good Luck






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امتیاز نظر یادت نشه



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