Mathematical Expert , Version 3

Mathematical Expert

Mathematical Expert

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Mathematical Expert , Version 3

One the most popular experts and strategies we have introduced to you back in last year is the strategy and expert based on mathematical equities.

This year we have prepared this expert’s third update for you.

In this expert we have tried to rectify the problems which existed in the previous version of the expert.

One the most important flaws in the previous version of Mathematical Expert was its inability to make distinction between traded lots and profits earned. But in this version, more your lot, more is your profits.

Another fault of the previous expert was that the users couldn’t write equations for pairs such as EUR/USD.

There were also some other faults in the previous version which has been all rectified in the new version.

In the new version of Mathematical Expert we have tried once again to observe investment management rules and earn  ۵~۱۰ % monthly profits.

The graph above belongs to the last two months.

Mathematical Expert , Version 3

Mt4 flaw in showing draw-down

Off course there are some flaws regarding draw-down calculations in the tester strategy which we will briefly explain here.

Here comes the expert back-test’s result from the beginning of 2013 to March 2018. Let’s take a look at it:

As you can well see recorded draw-down is 88.61% and the biggest loss of the position is 935.86$.

Now please see into the following photo which illustrates the exact time of the loss:

Mathematical Expert, Version 3

As you can well see, by using the same strategy and doing hedging, we have also made another 941$ profit in parallel with the loss at the same time.

So this amount of draw-down is not correct because through the hedging we had done, the account never experienced such amount of loss.

One of our friends had noticed this fault and had let MT4 staff know about it. Here is their answer:

As you can well see from their answer they themselves have accepted their mistake and that they haven’t yet taken the necessary measures to rectify the problem.

the following is our friend’s email to MT4;

Mt4 fault in showing draw-down

Incorrectness in showing maximum draw-down in mt4 tester strategy and most probably in mt5 while hedging:

In mt4 at the time of hedging the draw-down for each position is counted each separately.

Example: if in our buy position (while hedging) draw-down is in 5000$ profit and the draw-down in our sell position is in 5000$ loss, then what should be the draw-down? Apparently 0. But in mt4 it counted each separately and showed draw-down as 5000.

Since this is an expertise subject, you may kindly read more details on this subject by visiting the following URL from MQL5 website;

The following is mt4 answer to me personally: which means they have no intention to reform this flaw by now!

I haven’t yet checked it with mt5 but most probably they will have the same answer.

We will give you more details on this later on.


We mention this so that you will be informed that the displayed draw-down in the back-test is not real. With deep investigation by tester strategy we find out the software’s mistake in hedging strategy .

You can simply watch the full back-tests from early 2013 to 29.02.2018 by going the following URL:

The new version with a very low draw-down and acceptable profit is available for our clients.

For using the expert, You need to have at least 150$ in your account for cent accounts and 1000$ for standard accounts. These are the suitable amounts which is recommended by us.

Mathematical Expert , Version 3

Risk Disclaimer:

And after all these are all suggestions done by us. Once again we are emphasizing that there is no guarantee that our expert is a total profit maker or there is no loss using it at all.

How to Receive Expert Based on Mathematical Equities for Free:

You should take the following steps in order to receive mathematical expert for free:

  1. Open a new account in HotForex or FBS broker via the link in our website.
  2. Send us the account number for which you wish to run the expert via email:
  3. After our verification you should fund your account yourself and send us a screenshot of your mt4 showing the account has been charged.
  4. You will received the expert in less than 24 hours in your email.

To open a new account you may kindly click on one of the following banners:


Good Luck!

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