Introducing Full Scalper Forex Expert

Special Forex Robot Review

Special Forex Robot Review

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Why This Expert is Called Full Scalper?

I can definitely say that this expert is one of the most advanced scalping experts in the Forex world.

With wide range of options that it provides, it allows you to do practically any kind of scalping you wish.

I can mention the following items as some of the expert’s capabilities:

  • The possibility to order fixed lots
  • The possibility to order floating lots depending on the balance
  • The possibility to activate hedging
  • The possibility to define hedges in two types
  • The possibility to set orders as buy stops and sell stops
  • The possibility to set orders as buy limits and sell limits
  • The possibility to set tp and sl for each order
  • The possibility to close and exit the whole trading in a defined profit
  • The possibility to trade in one direction. For example, only buy
  • The possibility to use separate stop trails for each position
  • The possibility to take the spread into account at the time of closing the trades
  • The possibility to filter the trades with indicators such as MACD, moving averages and etc.
  • The possibility to modify the orders with a real high speed
  • The possibility to close orders in certain occasions

And lots of other possibilities which allow you to experience scalping in over 50 different modes.

What is scalp?

Before plunging into answering the question, please note that people usually define scalp as the short term trades! And this is totally wrong! Scalp is defined as follows: entering a trade or opening a position at the best price with the highest volume to make profit. For example they say that a trader who sells or buys by kilos and then closes it with a certain profit is scalper or that trade has done scalping! But as a matter of fact a real scalper not only does not open tens or hundreds of positions, but also tries to make just a few trades in high lots and take his profits out of the market soon! It is possible that the trades last from less than a minute to even some days

 The expert we have made at your service allows you to use it in whatever style you like

But please note that in the default setting and other settings available for you we have aimed at second meaning of scalping, since we believe that gambling in the market is forbidden and we have to act logically and based on some principles


In which broker can I use this expert?

Since there is a huge data file transferring to you, we are presenting the expert on XM broker which possesses a rather high speed

We would recommend you to use the expert on this broker too

Based on which methods the Full Scalper Expert is trading?

We have provided for you several settings for which we suggest to you to note the achieved backtests of these settings

Full Scalper‘s First setting

This is the setting which has been prepared and provided for you by default

The results for the backtests from early 2017 have been the following:







As you can well see in the period starting from early 2017 to 28.08.2017 the expert has been able to make 233$ profits.

With drawdown of 8.47%, the expert has made a profit equal to 23.3% which in other words means 2.5% per month. This may not be a great number for you but for us it is an absolutely reasonable amount

Full scalper’s second setting:

In this setting which you will be provided, we have tried the backtest with different settings.

The results achieved for the above mentioned period of time is as follows:

StrategyTester set2


As you can see in the second backtest for the same period of time, the account has been able to make 1278.11$ profits, with the drawdown of 28.74% and a profit equal to 127.78$ which will be 14.19% monthly profit in average

With respect to the amount of drawdown we can see that the amount of profit is reasonable and still we didn’t enter gambling as some traders do

Please note that the equity of this account had never come below 950$ which is a great thing and this drawdown is for the period of time in which our positions have achieved good profit. Hence with the increasing of funds it is totally reasonable.


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Full scalper’s third setting:

In this setting will be provided for you we have made a few changes in the settings and then achieved results for the same period of time is as follows

StrategyTester set3

As you can see at the end of backtests for the same period of time the account has been able to make 4403$. With the drawdown of 50.28% which is a rather high amount. However regarding the profit made it is still reasonable

This expert has been practically able to make 440.3% profit which is equal to 48.92% in average monthly which is still near to the amount of drawdown and hence it is reasonable

Notable point here is that backtest is the decrease of funds which has come hardly to 980$ and the related drawdown has been due to open positions

Full Scalper’s Fourth Setting

This setting works completely different and trades work with fixed buy and sell spots and the positions are closed with a defined profit.

In this setting you can define a specific price to start trades

For example, for EUR/USD we have chosen and set 1.05050 as the entrance price

For example, in our currency pair, the dollar we chose the price of 1.05050 as the price

Since our price was higher than this, we have planted orders as buy limits with defined intervals, defined volume and defined profit to close the position when deciding to exit the market

Fortunately each time the market reached to the levels defined by us (we had determined and defined 4 levels) our order was successfully activated and since we had activated the possibility to trail it, if our trades earned profit, our positions also followed the market as trailing stops. This can be done also with sell trades in the same way.

This amazing ability is useful for the ones who trade on area zones. I myself personally was amazed by this idea of my friend. This is great thing

StrategyTester set4_1

As you see the market has come down to this area zone for 7 times and again it has gone up. So we have had 7 trades with heavy lots

This kind of trading is the real scalping and you can use it in the setting as buy stops

You can use also many other possibilities defined in the expert in order that you will be able to plan and use wide variety of scalping.

We will provide you default settings as well as two other setting files. (As of now we will provide you different setting over time.)

But you can also try to create different methods and ways of scalping by yourself.

How to obtain full scalper expert:

Since we provide you this expert free like all other experts in the special section, you should first click on the following banner and open a new account in XM broker.

Please note that you need to open a micro account (cent account).


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Please note that you must open your account by following our URL or the banner provided below.

Or you could easily visit our other website and open a new account in XM broker from there.


If you wish to have more info regarding XM broker please visit our other website.

After opening a new account, you should send your documents to the broker in order to be verified.


When your account was verified, you can charge your account with any amount as you wish (our suggestion is 300~3000$)

Then you should send us your account number plus a screenshot from your XM MT4. Our email is:

And then you will receive the expert in your inbox


Please note that this expert will only run on the account number which you will forward it to us


Risk disclaimer

As you may well know trading in Forex using or not using experts contains high risks.


Hence, when using our experts make sure to pay attention to all aspects.


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